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    China And Russia Have Signed A Contract For The Purchase And Sale Of Natural Gas Pipelines On The Eastern Route.
    On May 21, under the joint witness of President xi jinping and Russian President vladimir putin, wu xinxiong, deputy director of the energy bureau of the national development and reform commission and minister of energy and mineral resources of the Russian federation, signed the memorandum of understanding on china-russia east route natural gas cooperation project on behalf of the two governments. Zhou jiping, chairman of the group, and miller, President of gazprom, signed the contract for the purchase and sale of gas supply from China and Russia along the eastern route.

    According to the contract, from 2018, Russia began to supply gas to China via the eastern route of the china-russia natural gas pipeline, and the volume of gas delivered has been increasing year by year, reaching 38 billion cubic meters per year, with a total contract period of 30 years.

    According to the contract, the main gas supply sources are the kovygin gas field in irkutsk state in eastern Siberia and the chayankin gas field in the saha republic of Russia. Gazprom is responsible for the development of the gas field, the gas processing plant and the construction of pipelines in Russia. CNPC is responsible for the construction of gas pipelines and gas storage facilities in China.

    The signing of the contract for the purchase and sale of gas for the eastern route pipeline between China and Russia was achieved with the personal promotion and strong support of the leaders of China and Russia, the direct guidance and participation of the two governments, and the long-term joint efforts of enterprises of both sides. It is another important outcome of the establishment of the comprehensive energy cooperative partnership and the deepening of the comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination between China and Russia, which fully embodies the principle of mutual trust and mutual benefit.

    After the meeting, zhou jiping told reporters that the signing of the gas cooperation agreement between China and Russia has taken nearly 20 years, and the government, enterprises, experts and scholars have made great efforts. The economies of China and Russia are highly complementary and mutually beneficial. CNPC will work with gazprom to implement the work in accordance with the signed documents and agreements to ensure the successful implementation of the project.
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